Nicaragua Finca Idealista | Natural Process Microlot


Notes: Lime, Tart Cherry, Floral

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Notes: Lime, Tart Cherry, Floral

Location: Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Direct Farm Trade

Altitude: 1200 meters

Varieties: Paca, Caturra

Process: Natural

Finca Idealista is the farm owned and managed by Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. We have been working with GMCG’s founder Ben Weiner since Fall 2010 through his collaboration and partnership with the Las Nubes community. We are excited to bring in this microlot from his own coffee farm in Nicaragua. While most of the coffee from Finca Idealista is washed, we are offering this coffee from a natural process lot.

Ben won the SCAE Excellence Award for Sustainability in 2016 for his dedication and commitment to the environment. The neighboring rainforest was purchased to protect the shade trees, conserve wildlife, and prevent illegal deforestation. He also invested in volcanic filters to protect the environment from run-off when coffee is washed. 

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers also reinvests profits back into the community. This has enabled the growth of high quality coffee and improve the livelihoods of the farmers. Finca Idealista workers receive some of the highest wages in the area. GMCG also provides technical assistance, zero-low interest loans, and free computing classes to neighboring farmers in order to foster a thriving and more sustainable community.

We are proud to work with Ben through GMCG, and represent his farm's microlot. The natural process begins with farmers picking ripe coffee cherries and immediately spreading them on raised beds to dry. This method allows the sugars to continue developing onto the coffee, and creates a fruity, complex cup. We have lightly roasted this coffee to highlight those inherent qualities, creating a cup with lime, tart cherry, and florals.

Check out our post to learn more about Ben and GMCG!

Net wt: 12oz