Joe Van Gogh Leticia Lopez La Unica Honduras

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Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Tangerine, Cherry, Earl Grey

Origin: Finca La Unica, Copan, Honduras

Altitude: 1400 MASL

Cultivars: Parainema

Process: Yellow Honey

Certifications: None

Roast Level: Light

Net wt: 12oz

This gem of a coffee is an exciting step in our direct relationship-driven coffees and a proud example of our support of women in coffee. Finca La Unica in Honduras was purchased in 2016 by Leticia Lopez, a fifth-generation coffee farmer. Formerly a cattle farm, the land is located in the village of Cartagua in the famous coffee growing region of Copan. Leticia purchased the farm from her father Adelmo “Al” Lopez of Finca Terrerito, which has been supplying coffees for our award-winning espresso blend for several years.
Located at 1400 meters above sea level under the watchful eye of Mount Tenan, the fifty-acre Finca la Unica is home to rare micro-lots and coffee that benefits from exciting processing methods like Yellow Honey Processing.
Yellow honey coffees, such as this one, offer a full and refreshing experience that makes a perfect summer cup. Yellow Honey Process allows the coffee seeds that grow inside each coffee cherry to absorb more from the juices of the mucilage that surround the seeds before they are dried. This in turn changes the flavor profile of the coffee. While the identifier “honey” has nothing to do with the taste, these coffees are known for their sweet flavors with more pronounced fruit-forward notes. And our Leticia Lopez La Unica is a delicious, sweet fruit-forward example of a Yellow Honey Process coffee.
Leticia Lopez stands as a proud example for women in coffee by owning her own land and running her business, two roles typically reserved for men in Honduras. Since purchasing the farm, Leticia has made many upgrades including the addition of sleeping quarters for coffee pickers, bathrooms and kitchens with clean water. Like the generations before her and the family members who manage other farms in the Copan region, Leticia runs her farm in the context of three key pillars: improving lives, being sustainable, and producing extraordinary coffee.