Honduras Finca Mogola | Natural Process Microlot


Notes: Cranberry, Cherry, Juicy

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Notes: Cranberry, Cherry, Juicy

Location: Finca Mogola, Marcala, La Paz Province, Honduras

Direct Farm Trade

Varieties: Catuai, Bourbon, Typica

Process: Natural 

We are excited to feature this special microlot from Don Manuel's farm. He produced a very limited amount of this natural process coffee on our request, and we are honored to be the only roaster to have our hands on it!

We have been working with Don Manuel Castaneda since 2011, carrying his highest-grown coffee from Finca Mogola. The typical processing method for his coffee, and for most coffees from Central America, is a washed process in which the cherry skin and pulp is removed prior to drying. This processing method produces a clean, balanced, and consistent flavor profile. When Robbie visited Manuel's farm a few years ago, he noticed raised drying beds, and asked if Don Manuel would be willing to experiment with a natural process on a small portion of coffee. The natural drying method, in contrast to the washed process, allows the fruit of the cherry to dry directly on the coffee, giving a complex and sweet flavor profile. Don Manuel has been tweaking his processing techniques for the past few years, checking in with us for our opinions after every crop year. His determination has paid off, and we are proud to introduce this limited and entirely unique microlot. We roast it to produce sweet notes of cherry and cranberry, as well as a juicy mouthfeel.

The first time I went to see Don Manuel, he showed me some raised and covered beds adjacent to his drying patio. I asked him if he could do some of our coffee as a natural process instead of washed. He said that was the old way they did it, when he was a young man, and that of course he could try. And he's done it for three seasons now, just for Joe Van Gogh, and he's gotten better and better. This year's Finca Mogola Natural is exquisite. Fruity, rich and balanced. Compare it to the Finca Mogola Washed - the exact, same coffee -  for a striking taste-bud education in how processing affects green coffee. They are the same coffee, but they could not be more different. Lucky for us, this was a fantastic harvest, and both are great coffees.
- Robbie Roberts

Net wt: 12oz