We have a big goal: sending zero waste to landfills.

Since 2018, we have worked closely with Compost Now to bring composting to our roasting facilities and to all our cafes. 

Our compost initiatives expanded greatly in 2019. Today, most of our single-use service items in our Triangle-area cafes are commercially compostable. 

Over the last year, our composting efforts have generated some amazing results. Here's a snapshot:



We've diverted 118,939 lbs of food waste away from landfills.


We've created 29,735 lbs of nutrient-rich compost.


Our composting equates to 347,201 fewer miles of car exhaust pollution.

Growing plant

We've generated enough compost to grow 29,735 tomatoes.

Other company-wide initiatives

» We roast our coffee on the world's most innovative and energy-efficient machines, Loring SmartRoasters

» We provide our baristas and cafe personnel a living wage as determined by local certifying agencies.

» Our roasting facility is installed with solar panels.

» We participate in an industry-wide initiative to ensure that a fair amount of profit on retail bean sales is returned to the communities where the coffee was grown.

» We donate burlap bags and coffee chaff to local farmers and community organizations.

» We frequently present at the Specialty Coffee Association and other industry trade groups on topics of gender equality and social sustainability.

» We partner with producers, exporters and others that empower workers, pay fair wages and create gender equity:
» Nicaragua Selva Negra is Rain Forest Alliance Certified meeting the standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Learn more at
» Café Femenino Coffees empower women in coffee growing communities. Learn more at