At Joe Van Gogh, we serve the community of coffee from seed to cup, and we take particular care at every step to honor the bean. This care guides our approach to coffee sourcing, roasting, blending and quality control.

Coffee Sourcing

From our roastary in Hillsborough NC, we’ve developed deep, immersive relationships with coffee producers and importers across three decades. We work with these partners to source our coffees based on seasonality in the growing regions of Africa, the Americas and the Pacific Islands. We look to source Fair Trade, organic coffee and direct trade coffees through these partnerships, and we proudly source a large amount of green beans from women producers and especially from Café Femenino. Our long-term relationships at origin ensure our business together is sustainable and seeks to return more income to the communities where our coffee originates. 

Coffee Roasting

Joe Van Gogh coffees are small batch roasted to maximize flavor, with special attention paid to seasonal and specific characteristics of the green beans we carefully source. As a North Carolina craft coffee roaster, we proudly roast artisan coffees by hand for wholesale coffee customers and our retail cafes using Loring Smart Roasters. Loring is the most innovative, sustainable and fuel efficient roasting equipment in the industry. Loring roasters are 80% more efficient and generate 80% fewer toxic emissions than traditional roasters. The Loring roasting technology is exceptionally precise, which improves the quality of the roasted coffee beans and the beverage they produce. 

Coffee Blending

Blending is the art and science of bringing different bean varieties and/or origins together to create a coffee profile that is greater than the sum of its parts. We pay particular attention to ensuring that each bean in the blend is roasted to its optimal level before and after we marry them to develop distinctly delicious coffee. Joe Van Gogh offers a broad spectrum of roast levels in our custom blended coffees and develops custom blends for wholesale coffee customers, as well as our coffee shops in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC. We also offer signature blends that raise money and awareness for organizations who serve our community like Habitat for Humanity and Durham Public Schools.

Coffee Quality Control

Quality control may be our unsung hero. Joe Van Gogh is a certified organic facility with a Master Roaster and two Q Graders on staff. We’ve developed advanced technology to track green and roasted inventory, use nitrogen flushing to preserve freshness and employ extensive cupping protocol. These systems, our experience and our attention to detail add up to meticulously tended coffee.  This is quality that truly sets Joe Van Gogh coffee apart, whether you are a looking for bulk wholesale coffee or are visiting our North Carolina coffee shops.



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