We take pride in the
art and craft of coffee.


We began as a single coffee shop in 1991, roasting coffee by the front door to serve our customers. Creating a unique coffee house culture and building a sense of community is how we started our journey in coffee and what continues to drive us today.

Our mission is to foster a community with great coffee - a community of farmers, millers, roasters, baristas, and coffee drinkers.

We ensure high-quality green coffee from trusted partners and producers.  When we find a great coffee, we search for its source. And when we find the source, we cultivate a friend and partner.

My goal, with all of the coffee we sell, is to get to the source. To get to know the farmer, the co-op, the mill, the importer. It is a lengthy, global process that is personal to each of us along the coffee supply chain.

And, we hope, personal to you as well.

The more we know and are a part of the coffee that we roast, serve, and drink,
the better we are.

Robbie Roberts, owner Joe Van Gogh


We pay special attention to each season's crop and fine tune our roasts to highlight each individual coffee's unique characteristics. We roast to order, package by hand, and stand behind the freshness of everything we do.  In short, we are committed to sharing the finest cup of coffee we can achieve from farm to cup.