Ethiopia YirgZ


Notes: Citrus, Bright, Black Tea

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Notes: Citrus, Bright, Black Tea

Location: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1900-2000 meters

Varieties: Heirloom varieties

Process: Washed

YirgZ is named for having near zero defects. Our friends at Keffa Coffee have partnered with producers in Yirgacheffe who meet their rigorous sorting standards to ensure such a stellar clean coffee. The slightest defect along the chain - from harvest to processing to storage - can impact the quality in your cup. The meticulous processing standards results in a clean coffee that we've roasted to bring out notes of black tea and citrus.

Samuel Demisse founded Keffa Coffee in 2006. He grew up in Agaro, Ethiopia, learning the industry from his father who was also a coffee pro. Samuel built Keffa with a mission to import only the finest coffees and support the producers behind it. He sought to work with origin partners who pay higher than average wages and treat their workers fairly. His coffee expertise and experience includes placing in the US Cup Taster's Championship and becoming a Licensed Q-Grader for coffee quality control. 

Net wt: 12oz


Winner of the 2017 NC State Fair Battle of the Roasters Competition!

The 2nd annual Battle of the Roasters, held at the NC State Fair, took place in October 2017. Twelve roasters from across the state competed with the coffee of their choice, brewing for a panel of coffee pros in a blind tasting format.  In JVG's first year competing our head roaster, Nicole Dutram, roasted a special profile of Ethiopia YirgZ and took home first place! 



I picked this coffee for the NC State Fair Battle of the Roasters because it is well taken care of throughout all the stages coffee goes through before it gets to the cup. It is a good bean, meticulously sorted to remove defect, before it even gets to the roaster. When I received it, I roasted it until I found the best way to present the coffee and its unique clean flavors, which resulted in an award winning cup. Without that love and care, the passion for coffee the producer, miller, importer, roaster, and barista, show it would not be the cup that it is. It is a perfect representation of coffee at it’s best. 

Nicole Dutram, Head Roaster