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Nicaragua Selva Negra


Notes: Citrus, Apple, Caramel Location: Selva Negra Estate, Matagalpa, Nicaragua Direct Farm Trade & Rain Forest Alliance Certified Altitude: 1220 meters Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai Process: Washed Selva Negra Estate coffee is farmed by the Kuhl family in the mountainous region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This family-owned farm dates back to...

Kenya AA Kamviu


Notes: Dried Fruit, Citrus, Herbal Location: Embu County, Kenya Altitude: 1200-1900 meters Varieties: SL34, SL28 & Ruiru 11 Process: Washed The Kamviu factory is operated by the Gakundu Farmers’ Cooperative Society, which represents nearly 4,000 smallholders. These farmers grow tea and coffee as their primary crops, but they also raise a variety of...

Sumatra Toba Natural

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Notes: Dark Fruit, Citrus, Cedar Location: Lake Toba, Lintong, Sumatra Altitude: 1400 meters Varieties: Typica Process: Natural One of the most unique Sumatra coffees we've had in years, these natural processed beans are a rare find. The mill owners, Sriwijaya, labored for years to refine this exceptional coffee. After washing, these beans are sun dried...

Organic Cafe Femenino Peru Microlot: Erlita Baca Arce


Notes: Chocolate, Nutty, Dried Fruit Location: Nueva York, Amazonas Region, Peru Altitude: 1500 meters Varieties: Villa Sarchi and Catimor Certified Organic & Fair Trade Process: Washed   We are proud to say we are one of the original supporters of Cafe Femenino coffees, first purchasing and roasting Cafe Femenino Peru when the...

Papua New Guinea Kange


Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sweet Spice Location: Kange Cooperative, Western Highlands Altitude:1450-1600 meters Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra Process: Washed  We teamed with Crop to Cup Importers to bring you this gem from Papua New Guinea. They primarily work with the AAK Cooperative which stands for the three main tribes: Apo, Angra, and Kange. Their motto...

Colombia El Obraje Caturra


Notes: Orange, Butterscotch, Toffee Location: El Obraje, Narino, Colombia Altitude: 2000 meters Varieties: Caturra Process: Washed   We are excited to continue our partnership with Ally Coffee Importers and the El Obraje farm in Colombia. We first introduced you to Pablo Guerrero's farm by featuring his geisha variety during the holiday season that sparkled with...

Organic Sea Turtle Blend


Notes: Smooth, Fruity, Berry For every bag of Organic Sea Turtle Blend sold, we will donate 50 cents to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. Inspired by Casey Sokolovic, we developed our Sea Turtle Blend in 2009. Sokolovic founded Love a Sea Turtle, a sea turtle awareness program...

Organic Decaf Sea Turtle Blend


Notes: Cocoa, Syrupy Depth Process: Water Process - 100% chemical free decaffeination process Continuing in our partnership with Love a Sea Turtle and the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, we developed this special decaffeinated blend to support both organizations and help raise awareness of sea turtles threat...

Organic Timor


Notes: Caramel, Earthy, Sweet Location: Cooperative Cafe Timor, East Timor Certified Organic & Fair Trade Altitude: 800-1600 meters Process: Washed Sourced from the south end of the Malay Archipelago, our Organic & Fair Trade Timor is a unique coffee helping a great cause. As one of the largest single-source cooperative...

Sumatra Lintong


Notes: Plum, Juicy, Earthy Hints Location: Dolok Sanggul, Lintong, Sumatra, Indonesia Altitude: 1400-1500 meters Process: Washed This Sumatra Lintong comes to us from Dolok Sanggul near Lake Toba, located in Northern Sumatra. The local people who live in the area are collectively known as Batak people, who use traditional growing...

Honduras Finca Mogola


Notes: Stone Fruit, Caramel, Vanilla Location: Finca Mogola, Marcala, La Paz Province, Honduras Direct Farm Trade Varieties: Catuai, Bourbon, Typica Process: Washed Don Manuel Castaneda produces more than 300,000 pounds of coffee annually in the mountains surrounding Marcala, located in West Central Honduras. Finca Mogola and Finca Musula are two...

Organic Cafe Femenino Peru


Notes: Cocoa Nibs, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Location: CECANOR Co-op, Lambayeque region, Northern Peru Certified Organic & Fair Trade Varieties: Typica, Catimor, Bourbon, Gran Colombia, Villa Sarchi Process: Washed The Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Orienta (CECANOR) cooperative of coffee farmers was established in the Lambayeque region of Northern Peru in 1999....

JVG House


Notes: Plum, Vanilla, Toasty With our House blend, we wanted to capture the smooth, balanced sweetness that we specialize in with our Central American coffees while adding in the juicy brightness of washed African coffees. We didn't stop cupping until we achieved that contrast, and when we did, we knew...

City Lights


Notes: Sweet, Rich Molasses Our City Lights is a carefully crafted blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees. The coffees are roasted to achieve a full body with a pleasingly rich molasses sweetness. Net wt: 12oz



Notes: Bright, Complex, Smooth Our masterwork as artisan roasters. We carefully combine the best qualities of Central American, South American, African, and Indonesian coffees to produce a blend that is without any overly dark pretense, bright, full-bodied, complex, and smooth.

French Roast


Notes: Smoky Depth, Creme Brulee We've blended the best high-grown coffee beans that can withstand long, high-temperature roasts to produce our darkest, richest blend. Our careful roasting process coaxes out caramelized and smoky tones from this delicious blend. Net wt: 12oz

Organic Espresso


Notes: Smooth, Chocolate, Toasted Caramel Certified Organic A slightly darker roasted version of our signature espresso blend. We craft this blend by combining various roasting profiles of our organic coffees to produce a blend that is balanced with smooth notes of chocolate and toasted caramel. The blend changes according to...

Organic French Roast


Notes: Caramelized, Smoky Tones Certified Organic We've made our darkest roast even better - We've made it organic. We've blended the best high-grown coffee beans that can withstand long, high-temperature roasts to produce our darkest, richest blend. Our careful roasting process coaxes out caramelized and smoky tones from this delicious...

Organic Red River


Notes: Chocolate, Clove, Nutty Certified Organic A perfectly balanced organic coffee, this blend rounds out the sweet flavors of dark chocolate and cloves with a velvety texture. Net wt: 12oz



Notes: Sweet, Balanced, Mild This coffee is based on coffee-growing stalwarts of the Central America, South America, and Indonesia. Roasted long enough for the Indonesian beans to develop, but slowly and not too dark so that the sweetness in the Central and South American beans are prevalent. Net wt: 12oz...

Kenya French Roast


Notes: Syrupy, Black Currant, Grapefruit Location: Highlands of Mount Kenya Process: Washed Most Kenyan coffee is grown in the highlands near Mount Kenya on rich fertile soils. We are working with several Kenya direct suppliers who are partnering with small scale farmers and cooperatives to maximize the returns for their...

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo


Notes: Sweet, Floral, Strawberry Location: Sidama Coffee Farmer's Cooperative Union, Ethiopia Certified Organic & Fair Trade Process: Natural Our Ethiopia Sidamo is processed using the age-old natural drying method, which requires extreme attention to detail during processing. The result of carefully allowing the fruit to ripen on the coffee bean...

Organic Decaf JVG House


Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sweet Process: Water Process - 100% chemical free decaffeination process The organic, decaf counterpart to our JVG House Blend. This blend is decaffeinated using the all natural water process, 100% chemical free. Net wt: 12oz 

Big Sleep


Notes: Salted Caramel, Full Body Process: Water Process - 100% chemical free decaffeination process A decaffeinated coffee from our friends at Selva Negra in Nicaragua. Our Big Sleep blend is perfect for anytime of the day and as a second cup follow up to our popular Sunrise blend. Net wt:...

Decaf Espresso


Notes: Smooth, Baker's Chocolate Process: Water Process - 100% chemical free decaffeination process A decaffeinated coffee from our friends at Selva Negra in Nicaragua, roasted to complement any espresso brew. All the flavor without the caffeine. Net wt: 12oz

Organic Decaf Espresso


Notes: Full Body, Dark Cacao Certified Organic Process: Water Process - 100% chemical free decaffeination process The organic decaf version of our artisan crafted espresso. Certified organic and decaffeinated through 100% chemical free water process while preserving the distinctive notes of the coffee's origin. Our Organic Decaf Espresso is crafted...

Organic Decaf Mocha Java


Notes: Full Body, Smooth Process: Water Process - 100% chemical free decaffeination process Enjoy the flavors in the world's first blend of African and Indonesian coffees in an organic and decaffeinated blend. We strive to achieve the traditional flavor from this original blend to create a well balanced, spicy and...

Roaster's Choice - Single Origin Coffee


Looking to try something new? Let our coffee pros choose for you! Our roasters and talented staff will select one of our seasonal, rotating single origin coffees to share with you! Opt to Subscribe & Save to receive a roaster’s pick each month at a 10% discount.  For customer's purchasing...

To Have & Have Not


Notes: Subtle Sweetness, Smooth At Last! An incredible combination of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees from Central America and Indonesia. This blend is smooth, with subtle hints of sweetness - much like Bogie himself. A great cup of coffee with breakfast or dessert. Net wt: 12oz

Organic Mocha Java


Notes: Balanced, Spicy, Smooth Certified: Organic  A take on the world's first blend, which combines Indonesian and African beans. We strive to achieve the traditional flavor from this original blend by using the best Ethiopian coffee to represent the flavors of Mocha, and the cleanest Indonesian coffee for the Java...