The TerraVita Food & Drink Festival is one of the premier culinary events in the Southeast. Featuring chefs, farmers, brewers, bakers, and baristas from around the state, it is a showcase of North Carolina’s best. Joe Van Gogh was invited to participate when the festival first began eight years ago and we have had the privilege of being a tasting supporter ever since.

The event is focused on sustainable food and drink with commitment to producing zero waste. In line with that mission, we will be featuring two of our Organic coffees: Ethiopian Limu Kossa and Red River Blend. Very different coffees in flavor profile, the Red River Blend is a perfectly balanced dark roast that rounds out the sweet flavors of dark chocolate and cloves. In contrast, the Ethiopian Limu Kossa is more fruit-forward with distinct notes of pomegranate and peach.


"I think the main reason we chose these coffees is that they’re good contrasts that provide the spectrum of the coffees that we offer out of our warehouse and our retail cafes.”

Brian Maiers, Product Development and Beverage Manager


With over 30 different coffees, the Red River Blend and the Ethiopian Limu Kossa are great representations of the full range of our offerings. We will be serving Chemex pour-over tastings of both coffees at the event finale on October 21st at the Grand Tasting on the Green.

Click here to learn more about TerraVITA, and be sure to check out all the workshops and dinners during the weekend long event!