A Result of Following Dreams

Our newest seasonal coffee, Finca El Cedral Colombia, comes from the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia. Settled in the dense hills of Valle del Cauca, you’ll find the agricultural community of El Águila. Nestled within this town is Finca El Cedral, a fourth-generation coffee farm and home to David Velázquez and his family. Today, El Águila is confronted with a burgeoning issue; agricultural success is becoming scarce. This scarcity is causing myriads of young people to leave El Águila behind in hopes for more fruitful endeavors in the city.

David Velázquez has watched as his coffee producing peers have abandoned coffee and headed for the cities. David, similarly to other coffee farmers in the area, withstood several hardships, such as loss-making harvests and insufficient pay. Economic inequality through general coffee industry standards made David question if he should follow the path forged by former coffee farmers to the city. David made a decision, and leaving behind his passion was not an option.

David explored ways that he could support his dream and his growing family, the solution he found was Cedro Alto; a collective of independent Colombian coffee farmers. These farmers, like David, were not making ends meet through the coffee industry and banned together to make a change. Cedro Alto is a vertically integrated organization that enlists the help of roasters like Joe Van Gogh to challenge the traditional supply chain.

Through our Direct Trade relationship with Cedro Alto, we have added the Finca El Cedral Colombia to our seasonal collection. This is the coffee grown by our friend and dream-follower, David Velázquez. Finca El Cedral Colombia is a coffee that represents the beginning of a huge initiative, our 20% Return to Origin program. Cedro Alto has helped us obtain this recent pursuit by connecting us with quality-driven farmers like David. Returning 20% to origin means that David is receiving 200% of the price than he would have received through general coffee standards.

Accessibility to fair pay has enabled David to reverse his past circumstances and stay at his family farm to follow his dream. David has improved the quality of his coffee, support his family and become a strong leader within his community. He has maintained his ambition for coffee; further educating himself on growing methods and encouraging other farmers to prosper.

Joe Van Gogh is honored to roast an industry disrupting coffee that is a product of our combined efforts with Cedro Alto to ensure fair pay. Finca El Cedral Colombia is a vivid coffee that stands for economic equality at every step of the supply chain. Experience Finca El Cedral Colombia today–– a result of following dreams.