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Just in time for the Pride Durham NC '21 festivities on Sept 25 on Duke's East Campus, we had a chance to speak with Eshe Hamme, founder of Equality NC.

Eshe is bright and cheerful as she laughs at the daunting prospect of how much work there is ahead of her, especially having just returned from a vacation. "This work is very difficult. It's challenging. It's exhausting. But it's so much easier when you're with people you love and respect."

Hamme started at Equality NC in 2017 in the wake of the discriminatory HB2 "bathroom bill". "Up until that point, the organization had been largely 'single-issue' driven around things like marriage equality and adoption," she says.

"But they were leaving out a big, big part of the LGBTQ community, which was Black and brown people of color and trans folk."

With Hamme as their new Director of Development, and a board eager to give the organization "a total body lift," Equality NC began to expand its mission to include issues that impacted the broader LGBTQ community:  from housing discrimination, to police reform, to health care, access to wealth and inequality, and more.

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