An entirely new offering for us from Boquete, Panama, we are please to share the coffee from Finca Dos Ruedas!

Finca Dos Ruedas is located on approximately 6 acres of land in El Salto, Panama. A family owned property for more than thirty years, Dos Ruedas primarily sells its coffee within Panama. But two year ago Dos Ruedas decided to export its highest grade coffee to the United States. One of the farm owners, Alexis Batista, approached us and visited our Hillsborough roastworks so we could try his farm's coffee. We were impressed.

While Batista and his family have also built direct relationships with neighboring farmers, to ensure a fair price for their crop, we elected to purchase coffee owned by Batista and his family. We were pleased to discover a delicate, floral cup through one of our lightest roast profiles. We've brought in two bags (approximately 200 pounds) of this coffee to share with you!

Be sure to ask for it as your pour over brew at our shops!

Farm photos above courtesy of Alexis Batista @dosruedascoffee