We are proud to be a member of Orange County Living Wage!

Catch this video featuring Tara, part of our Timberlyne store's management team, and learn more! 

Now I'm able to come back to the coffee industry, work at place I love, not have to have second employment and can still make those payments.

- Tara Mortimer, Assistant Manager of Joe Van Gogh Chapel Hill

Orange County Living Wage  

Orange County Living Wage is a voluntary non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is focused on promoting a living wage in Orange County, North Carolina.  Through our employer certification program we certify Orange County employers that pay their employees a living wage.  The certification is voluntary on the part of employers.

Our goals are to:

  • Reward and recognize employers based in Orange County who pay their workers a living wage
  • Provide employers with incentives to pay a living wage
  • Connect consumers to employers that provide a living wage & encourage them to become customers, patients, clients of those businesses and organizations.  

The Orange County Living Wage project promotes a more just and robust economy in Orange County.  We are modeled after the successful North Carolina project Just Economics, based in Asheville, NC. that has certified more than 500 employers, the most in the USA.