A sea change is coming. We have exciting plans for the new year!

Our look is evolving, our merch section is growing, and, most importantly, our selection of coffees is going to be our best ever. But before we can start adding new things, we need to tidy up first. The confetti and party balloons must be swept from the deck in the harsh light of day. 

To that end, we’re retiring a few select coffees from our menu. They’ve served us well. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. They will take a well-earned rest. 

Beginning February 1st, the following blends will no longer be available to order: 

Sunrise, City Lights, African Queen, Let it Grow, Food 4 Farmers.

Our decaf menu is also shrinking. We’re pairing down to a couple of options: Big Sleep and Organic Decaf Mocha Java. 

Don't Panic! Our newsletter has a handy guide to which coffee you'll want to switch to.

Check it out here!