We're pleased to announce that we've taken another step to reduce our carbon footprint and operational costs by installing a 21-kilowatt solar energy system on the roof of our Hillsborough roastery. We made a significant investment into LED lighting last year and decided this was the next logical step.

“We would be bad neighbors if we didn’t reduce our environmental impact whenever we can,” said Robbie Roberts, president and founder of Joe Van Gogh. “We constantly look for ways to make decisions that are good on more than one level, with our bottom line not measured merely in dollars. Thankfully, adding solar panels makes monetary and sustainability sense.”

The new solar photo-voltaic system will generate approximately 28,000 kilowatt hours per year, which translates to more than $2,600 in savings on an annual basis. Most importantly, according to the EPA, these kilowatt hours are equivalent to the carbon sequestration of 23 acres of U.S. forests for one year or greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 6.9 tons of waste.

With the help of Compost Now, we also compost all the coffee grounds, food scraps and single-use items in all of our cafes as well as all the chaff and other organic materials produced in the roasting of our coffee. To this point, that amounts to approximately 4,500 pounds per month. 

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