The Classical Station x JVG

Joe Van Gogh is proud to partner with WCPE-FM, known internationally as, on a collection of co-branded specialty coffees.

With the goal of supporting the arts in general, and classical music in particular, we have released 14 special coffee blends. Each blend celebrates a show, performance or partner of

A portion of the proceeds of every bag sold will go towards supporting the Station and its non-profit business partners.

“Nothing could be more rewarding than roasting coffee for the Classical Station listener. As coffee roasters, we are ecstatic when we find discerning customers to appreciate what we do. And I don’t think that there is a more discerning person than a classical music listener. It is a joy to make this coffee available to the Classical Station’s audience,” said Robbie Roberts, owner of Joe Van Gogh.

“The Classical Station’s Program Director, Kristine Bellino says, “We are so very proud to be partnering with Joe Van Gogh, a company that realizes the importance of community, the desire for excellence, and the need for achieving this with an incredible team of dedicated talent that loves what they do. We also appreciate Joe Van Gogh’s long-standing commitment to sustainability that is so very important to us.”

“Just as it is the Classical Station’s mission to expand the community of great classical music, it’s Joe Van Gogh’s mission to foster community with great coffee – a community of farmers, millers, roasters, baristas, coffee professionals and coffee drinkers,” said Lane Mitchell, Director of Marketing at Joe Van Gogh. “Like creating exceptional music, our work requires nuance, harmony, inspiration and craft. A well-crafted cup of coffee is a perfect musical companion.”

Check out the collection here.