Joe Van Gogh is a friend of mine; He’s the son of Vincent Van Gogh, you know Joe has more friends than you do; And Joe Van Gogh is a painter too.

- Dan Bern, Joe Van Gogh, 1998


Here’s a bit of Joe Van Gogh trivia: When owner Robbie Roberts first opened shop back in 1991, it was under the name Cup a Joe. It wasn’t until 2004, when he moved roasting operations from the cafe that the name changed. A spin on the original name and inspired by a track from singer-songwriter Dan Bern, Joe Van Gogh coffee roasters was born.


The underlying theme behind our name runs deeper though. As artisans of a different kind, we appreciate the work and innovation of creators like Vincent Van Gogh, which is why we are especially excited about a new film about the famous painter. Loving Vincent is the inventive telling of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and mysterious death. Depicted in oil painted animation, the film brings Van Gogh’s work to life in a visually stunning biopic.


Loving Vincent is now on screens locally, at the Chelsea Theatre and the Carolina Theatre through November 2nd.