Leticia LopezToday we're releasing a yellow honey process coffee we're super excited about: Leticia Lopez La Unica Honduras!⁠ 🇭🇳⁠

Leticia is a fifth-generation coffee farmer who owns the La Unica farm in the Copan region of Honduras. When Kevin, our Director of Coffee, first visited in 2016 the farm was in its infancy. He was immediately impressed, however, by the attention to detail in how everything was laid out and planned. He also recognized that Leticia had an eye on creating a future for her farm with sustainability at its center.⁠

When Kevin returned only a few short years later in January of 2020 with Adam, our Production Manager, Leticia and her team had transformed La Unica into a shining example of sustainable, women-led farming in Honduras. The best amenities possible had been provided for the pickers and their families. This is a direct reflection of Leticia’s vision for how coffee farming and coffee workers should be treated: with respect and care.⁠

From the very first cupping of this coffee, we knew we had a gem on our hands. The sorting was immaculate; the flavors both complex and approachable. Notes of chocolate, tangerine, cherry, and Earl Grey all in one incredibly sweet cup.⁠ 🍫🍊🍒🍵⁠

Roasted to perfection by Rob, our Head Roaster, this limited release coffee is sure to become a favorite of our customers and employees alike. Brew it any way you like it and you'll be amazed!⁠

Available for purchase online or in our Durham/Chapel Hill cafes!