Finding thoughtful gifts can sometimes seem like a daunting task. With the season of giving upon us, we wanted to provide some fun and creative ideas for all the coffee lovers on your list. Whether purchased on their own or combined in the sets we’ve curated, these items are sure to inspire joy and probably some caffeine-induced enthusiasm too!  


The Holiday Host(ess) 

Chemex | Filters | Home For The Holidays Blend

An elegant decanter designed to maintain the body and balanced floral notes in every coffee, the Chemex is sure to please and impress guests. Serve it with our Home for The Holidays 2017 Blend to bring out those seasonal flavors that are perfectly festive for any holiday gathering. 


The Outdoor Adventurer 

AeroPress | 16oz KeepCup | 12oz Bag of Coffee 

Portable and lightweight the AeroPress brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are. It’s perfect for hiking and uses a small amount of water with a tiny filter, so just pack a baggie of ground coffee, a bottle of water, and your go-to travel mug for all the fuel you need to get to the next camp site. 


The Student 

ESPRO Press | 12oz Bag of coffee Joe Van Gogh Tee

With all the demands of school, time spent on morning rituals is a luxuryNot with the ESPRO. Just add ground coffee, then hot water. Wait 4-5 minutes. Press. Pour. Throw on a basic tee and go! Everything needed to keep a student fueled and fashionable. 


For the Coffee Enthusiast  

 Ka’u or El Obraje GeishaBeehouse | #4 Melitta Filters 

natural process Hawaiian coffee with all the qualities attributed to its growing region and an limited release geisha, both with the complexities a connoisseur would appreciate. No matter where geographic preferences lie, these special offerings will go fast!  


The Coffee Novice  

Joe Van Gogh single origin coffee subscription

Let Joe Van Gogh roasters select a single-origin coffee each month and a twelve-ounce bag of fresh-roasted beans will be shipped to your doorstep. There’s no better way to explore great coffee and develop your palette!