Grounds for Health
What can a quarter buy? A lot more than you may realize.

Through Grounds for Health, (2011 SCAA Sustainability Award Winner!) women in coffee growing countries are receiving life saving cervical cancer screenings at an estimated materials cost of 23 cents each!

80% of cervical cancer cases are in the developing world and is the #1 cause of cancer death for women in low-resource settings, including coffee-growing communities. They simply do not have access to adequate screening and treatment facilities due to lack of resources. With Grounds for Health Single Visit Approach they are trying to resolve those key problem areas. In addition to the low cost approach that allow women to be screened and treated in the same day, the Grounds for Health program trains local medical personnel in order to continue the efforts of the program for years to come. The program is currently implemented in Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Peru each receiving a three-year commitment from the Grounds for Health organization.

To date, Grounds for Health has treated 3,063 women and screened 51,428 with 40 clinics equipped and 450 doctors and nurses trained.

Grounds for Health is making large strides involving the coffee industry and women in the farming communities, and we’re proud to support their cause. To learn more, watch their video above and visit

How We’re Getting Involved
Through the Grounds for Health coffee auction, green coffee brokers and farmers donate a variety of high quality coffee beans. Roasters bid on the coffees and 100% of the proceeds go towards Grounds for Health programming. We have participated in the auction since 2010, and proud to be part of it again this year!

How You Can Get Involved
This year we successfully bid on Uganda Kabum which we think will be a great addition to our selection. We will donate $1 for every bag of this coffee sold. That will cover the materials cost for 4 women to be screened!

“The Grounds for Health organization offered us exceptional coffees for their exceptional program. I can’t think of a cause I would rather Joe Van Gogh support or a program that can make such a difference in a short period of time.” Robbie Roberts