Great coffee starts with a seed that is carefully cultivated to embody the land in which it is grown and processed with equal care. It is roasted to enhance its natural characteristics, brewed to highlight the unique flavors, and served to meet people right where they are. Every stage of development is deliberately executed to stay true to the coffee’s origin. For over 20 years, we have roasted and served coffee to that end, with the ultimate goal of connecting people through our coffee. Our vision has since expanded to include a food program to complement our coffee, with the same intentions of quality ingredients and a connection to the source.


Our food program is shaped by the same thoughtful consideration as our coffee, beginning at the farm level and developing into a menu that features fresh, local ingredients. Our vendors include: Latta’s Egg Farm in Hillsborough; Ford’s Produce in Raleigh, and Guglhupf Bakery, Big Spoon Roasters and Eastern Carolina Organics in Durham. Bakery Manager, Audra Thomas, has been focused on matching the holistic approach we take with our coffee and incorporating it into our food. Audra and her team are inspired by what is seasonally available to create an evolving menu highlighting regional fare unique to the area.


Breakfast, brunch, and lunch are served out of our Woodcroft Kitchen. Fresh takes on perennial favorites reinforce the seasonality of the menu, which is updated every three months. A biscuit made with flavors associated with the season, a fresh salad prepared with local produce, a frittata with ingredients from the garden… The new Toast option of Whipped Feta & Heirloom Tomato Toast captures summer with its beautifully stacked golden wedges, drizzled with a fresh basil pesto. The balance of the salty, creamy cheese with the sweetness of the tomato and the crunch of Guglhupf’s sourdough bread is a perfect example of the care with which the menu is conceived.



Audra has a full kitchen and a talented staff to support her. Together, they collaborate to dial in her recipes, as well as create the pastries that are delivered daily to all of our Triangle-area stores. A new Cranberry Oatmeal Raisin cookie, for example, went through three different versions before they settled on the type of raisin and exact amount of cinnamon for the final recipe. Our entire staff – from production to retail – is encouraged to sample and taste everything, so as to be able to provide feedback and recommendations to customers. Pairing the Orange Black Current Scone with our new Burundi Kayanza, just might reveal the citrus notes in the coffee to someone who had never tasted it in the beverage before!




This kind of attention is something we take pride in (and maybe geek out on a bit too). We aim to preserve the integrity of the quality products we source by partnering with like-minded vendors. Just as with our coffee, we want to connect our customers with local food producers and artisans through a well-crafted menu. With coffee and food menus that so naturally complement each other, we hope to bring producer and consumer another step closer together.


Be sure to stop by any of our Triangle cafes to try our summer pastries, or drop into Woodcroft to check out our latest food menu!