Food 4 Farmers

Food 4 Farmers helps coffee-farming families put nutritious food on the table every day by creating diversified ways to bring in income, from growing food in backyard gardens to animal husbandry with bees, chickens, and even guinea pigs.

The Food 4 Farmers programs work directly with the community through collaboration and on the ground promoters from the community to develop strategies and create sustainable food security.

“The impact of this ‘transFARMation’ turns monoculture farms into thriving, diversified local food and economic hubs, while allowing coffee farmers to continue to produce coffee,” says Food 4 Farmers.

The efforts of Food 4 Farmers really showed when the pandemic hit and access to fresh healthy food was limited by rising costs and ability to access remote coffee farms. By giving these farmers the tools of growing their own food and diversifying their incomes the coffee farmers took action and began feeding their communities from their own home and community gardens. “To us, that’s success: farmers feeding their communities,” says Food 4 Farmers.

In Sierra Azul, Mexico farmers have incorporated raising organic chickens which produce eggs and meat while also providing fertilizer for their gardens.

 In 2014 Food 4 Farmers partnered with a co-op in Maya Ixil, Guatemala to supplement their income with beekeeping. This not only helps the many crops and fruit trees to thrive but allows farmers to harvest and sell the honey.  By working with 40 coffee farmers and their families they created two apiary schools and gained enough knowledge that the co-op is now a licensed exporter of honey—and with access to the international markets with their own brand! With an increase of honey production by 200%, honey is now the second highest source of income after coffee.

 Food 4 Farmers has worked with several other co-ops throughout Mexico to incorporate bees into their livelihoods.

You can support Food 4 Farmers and their bee husbandry work with every cup of coffee you drink – check out our exclusive Food 4 Farmers Blend!

For every bag sold we donate 50 cents to Food 4 Farmers.