Bordering the mountainous regions of Matagalpa and Jinotega lies the Las Nubes cooperative. This cooperative is managed and run by women, who all won their leadership positions through elections. We have teamed up with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers to share this coffee to you. Gold Mountain partners with the producers of Las Nubes bringing them premium prices along with technical assistance, microcredit loans, both running water and textbooks in the local school, and free computing classes for women of all ages. 

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers works with the Las Nubes community to separate each lot of coffee by producer, variety, and date to effectively regulate quality. The current microlot of Las Nubes coffee we are roasting comes to us from Don Santos & Teresa.


Don Santos and his wife Teresa produce coffee on their farm, El Consuelo. The premiums they receive through their relationship with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers has supported their large family’s health and well-being, as well as protecting their crops from disease. They also diversified their farm, growing lemons, bananas, oranges, and other fruits. GMCG has provided them with access to credit, which will give them even greater financial stability to support their livelihood.

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a direct trade social enterprise that connects farmers of high-cupping specialty coffee with coffee roasters. We treat our partner producers’ farms like fine wine vineyards because to maintain a thriving social enterprise, everything depends on cup quality. We exercise rigorous quality control and carry out sustainable development projects to empower producers and their communities.
- Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, SCAE Excellence Award Winner for Sustainability 2016

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