We are proud to say we are one of the original supporters of Cafe Femenino coffees, first purchasing and roasting Cafe Femenino Peru when the program began in 2004. We are especially honored to feature the first microlot from Peruvian Cafe Femenino producer, Erlita Baca Arce.

On a trip to Peru in 2017, Joe Van Gogh owner Robbie Roberts met Erlita who was the treasurer of the program in her country and the Vice President of the CECANOR cooperative. He was inspired by her small farm in the remote community of Nueva York as well as her kind, reassuring nature. Erlita is one of the original pioneers who took a stand for change by participating in the Cafe Femenino initiative that has since changed the lives of thousands of women. 

Her farm is approximately 2.5 acres producing about 20 bags of green coffee per year. Robbie offered to purchase it all at a premium, and she accepted. And that’s when an entire team of people – from producer, miller, exporter, and importer – all agreed to commit themselves to keeping this coffee separate to be presented as a single farmer lot. It took a great effort across the coffee supply chain, but the results were worth the extra care required to bring Erlita's coffee to you as a microlot.