River running through the mountains.

It’s easy to fall into a routine. There is security in following directions. Life is simpler when you play by the rules and do what’s expected of you. Taking the familiar, less risky path. 

But it’s not as fun. 

So let’s change things up. Our first coffee release of the year is not one coffee but *three* washed single-origin coffees that refuse to be ordinary. 

The Organic Peru Gallito de las Rocas has an atypical acidity for a Peruvian coffee. Chelsea, our Learning and Talent Development Manager, says it’s the most complex coffee from Peru that she’s ever had. Our team loved its notes of dried mango and toasted almonds. 

Our Colombia Jose Urbano Microlot has an unusually juicy flavor, like plum, lemon, or apricot. These kinds of flavors are usually found in honey or naturally-processed coffees from this region, not washed. 

When describing the roasting process for the Ethiopia Siko Guji, Rob, our Head Roaster, says getting the desired result is never the same way twice. Because of the size and density of the beans, he needs to approach each roast with new eyes because “they don’t do what you would expect.” 

We’re embracing the unexpected. While you will always be able to depend on the high quality of our coffee and our sterling customer service, we’re excited to surprise you this year with coffees that don’t conform to the norm. Let’s take the road less traveled by together.