Burundi Ngogomo


When we’re stuck at home with nothing but Instagram, Netflix and a pandemic-saturated 24/7 news cycle to distract us, there’s nothing more comforting than our fond memories of our favorite cups of coffee. And in the most magical way, our Burundi Ngogomo takes us on a sensory journey from the cloud-skimming plateaus of Mt. Kenya to the highlands of eastern Ethiopia and then to Africa’s idyllic lake countries of Rwanda and Burundi. All in a single cup.


Prepared hot or cold, our Burundi Ngogomo captures the most accessible flavor characteristics of our “big three” beloved coffee growing regions. At first, the floral aromas transport us to a sequestered beautiful space filled with jasmine, honeysuckle and the sweet songs of African thrush. Here is where the coffee’s Meyer Lemon acidity dances on the tongue like Grandma Jenny’s sparkly lemon pie. It’s an acidity profile that gently diffuses into the clean, citrusy black tea flavors that we treasure in coffees from Ethiopia’s lush, wild gardens of Sidama and Yirgacheffe. As we linger in this peaceful place, we begin to take comfort in the cool balance of savory and jammy notes, and we’re reminded of our holiday adventures in Harrar. That’s until the familiar, soothing flavors of dried fruit, black currant and sweet chocolate take over. Now our coffee takes us to a hammock on the banks of Lake Rweru, where we stop to reminisce of a healthier time when we gathered with neighbors around a backyard grill and celebrated the day’s successes with fist bumps and high fives.