This marks the third-year return of our special summer coffee, the Mountains-to-Sea Blend. This year’s blend is a vibrant fusion of our Ethiopia Guji and Nicaragua Selva Negra. These are two coffees that traveled down mountains, crossed oceans and have now crossed paths to forge a journey of their own. Behind every great adventure is a story and this is one that we’d like to share with you.

 Coffee blends are always an adventure. Blends bring together two or more coffees. Sometimes those coffees are the same beans roasted in different ways, like a light roast and a medium roast. But more frequently, blends are coffees that combine beans from different locations. The distance between these “locations” is far and wide: from coffees of the same farm grown at varying altitudes to coffees grown in completely different coffee regions. The Mountains-to-Sea Blend combines coffees from the latter, joining Ethiopia Guji from Africa and Nicaragua Selva Negra from Central America.

The Nicaragua Selva Negra brings forth those sweet and fruity characteristics found in Mountains-to-Sea. This is a Direct Farm Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee that is grown and processed on the Selva Negra estate. This estate has been in the same family for generations, and they are committed to sustainable practices in their coffee through each stage of production.

The Ethiopia Guji, from our freinds at Keffa Coffee, imparts the floral and effervescent elements that adorn the flavor of the Mountains-to-Sea Blend. This coffee was grown brushing shoulders with mango and banana trees on the slopes of the Bale Mountains in Sidama Guji. It has been carefully cultivated from seed to cup to maintain its distinction as a rich, clean coffee.

The coffee team at Joe Van Gogh is sure to pair coffees that accentuate the best qualities in each other. We wanted to capture the complexities offered when integrating the balanced sweetness of Central American coffees with the juicy brightness special to African coffees. Mending through different components, percentages and roasting profiles until we had a blend that perfectly encapsulated the delightful story behind both coffees.

This coffee benefits the Friends of Mountains-to-Sea trail, North Carolina’s picturesque hiking trail that extends from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks. Similarly, to an NC summer, however, this limited-edition blend won't stay around forever. So, be sure to get yourself a bag of the Mountains-to-Sea Blend today – a coffee that awakens the adventurer within any coffee explorer!