Limited Edition Barista Tee 2014!

We are excited to debut the second JVG barista tee! The first was introduced back in 2012, and we've geared back up to release another limited edition shirt designed by one of our very own talented baristas! We asked for submissions from our team of anything depicting the coffee profession and/or craft of the barista, leaving it pretty wide open since we didn't want to limit any creative ideas. The result was beyond any of our expectations.

We selected this lovely drawing, by Nicole Dutram, depicting a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The amount of detail and thought she put into the project hooked us immediately, how beautifully she captured a cultural ritual that symbolizes friendship and respect. So without any further delay, let her tell you in her own words how she developed this piece of art...

I wanted to take coffee back to its roots with this piece. Joe Van Gogh is about understanding coffee and its history. So I chose to depict the coffee ceremony of Ethiopia to show coffee brewing heritage as well as share the ceremony that shows a true love of the bean. The beans and the brewing of coffee, as well as the sharing of the drink, are special and the ceremony brings that special moment into a sacred stature. This is the cycle of the coffee producer in one moment and as a barista that connection between all parts of understanding of the bean are important to me.

I chose to execute the design in a style similar to Alphonse Mucha, because of his artistic skill, which mirrors the craftsmanship we put into coffee at Joe Van Gogh. The art of the bean coupled with a sophisticated artistic style to match it was what I imagined in my head and I tried to make that coupling happen in the design. I chose to put the slogan in Italian because Joe Van Gogh serves traditional Italian beverages. I really wanted to bring together elements that I love about coffee and art because in my mind that's what we as a company stand for. The art of the bean. And not only will you find her working the bar at the Chapel Hill shop, she's also the artist behind the shop's August through September art display, be sure to check it out!

We have continued our partnership working with Flytrap of Pittsboro, NC for all our screen printing needs. All shirts are made by American Apparel.