After 23 years roasting and serving coffee, we know that periodically we must look at ourselves anew, freshen up our menu, tweak our offerings, change our blends, adjust our roast recipes, just plain keep up with the ever-changing world of coffee.

How we graphically express who we are and what we do is no different.

During the past year, we have been hard at work questioning the look and feel of our Joe Van Gogh brand. Everything we do, from roasting and brewing to packaging for grocery shelves, we do by hand. We take tactile care of our coffee every step of the way and we want your first impression of us and our logo to reflect that attention to the art and craft of our coffee.

Thanks to artist (and coffee aficionado) Katy Meehan, we can unveil that logo!

We hope our new look emphasizes our experience, our neighborliness and our hands-on approach to our business of coffee, with an artisinal feel that graphically expresses who we are and what we do.

Though we’ve evolved and grown, we are still the same independently owned, quality-driven coffee roaster you’ve known since I began roasting coffee in 1991.

Truly, thank you for drinking our coffee — Joe Van Gogh’s coffee.

— Robbie Roberts