About Us

About Us

At Joe Van Gogh, roasting, brewing, and sharing coffee is our passion. We consider ourselves artisans, as coffee roasters and baristas who are true to their craft.

We take the ultimate pride in our finished product. We ensure high-quality green beans and pay special attention to the unique characteristics of each season’s crop in order to provide you with superior coffee year after year.

We have relationships with a Honduran farmer, a Peruvian co-op, a Colombian importer and a tribal plantation of Papua New Guinea. In short, when we find a great coffee, we search for its source. And when we find the source, we cultivate a friend and a partner.

Sourcing quality coffee beans is only the first step toward achieving a great coffee experience. The next step is our artisan approach to roasting. Roasting coffee is a craft that requires a masterful level of taste and also involves the senses of sight, sound and smell in the pursuit of coffee perfection. We adjust our roasting profile to fit each origin and each season’s crop, fine-tuning each batch as crops and seasons change. When we blend coffee, we capture the desirable characteristics of the blend’s dominant coffee and complement its weaknesses with smooth body or bright complexity.

Whether walking a coffee farm in Honduras, releasing crackling beans from a hot roaster or grinding espresso for a double cappuccino, we are always striving for the finest, most vibrant cup of coffee we can achieve.